Cellular Concept of Health from Pure Essence Labs

Your body is made up of some 60 trillion cells. In every moment of every day, these cells conduct more than a million different kinds of biochemical reactions. Health is simply the reflection of how efficiently these reactions occur.

Unfortunately, cells can’t always work as they should. When they lack energy, raw materials or “trigger” nutrients, at least some of their chores are left undone. The same is true as cells are damaged by free radicals, bad fats, or excess sugar.

Although Pure Essence is only 13 years old, our founder and chief formulator has been designing supplements for over 30 years. In 1984, he founded Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, Inc., where he created the world’s first “food-based” supplements, the world’s first “green food” complexes, the world’s first line of digestive enzymes, the world’s first therapeutic enzyme products, and so on. So, even if you’ve never used a Pure Essence product, you've used something that he created, or that his creations inspired.

Now, with the Cellular Concept of Health as his guide, he’s created the world’s first supplements that combine the best of evidence based nutrition with the ancient wisdom of the world’s great holistic medical systems. That means that our multiples provide thousands of phytonutrients that are missing in others; nutrients that are absolutely vital to complete cellular health. And, it means that our condition and organ specific formulas are more supportive than any others you will find.

In short, the Cellular Concept of Health translates into supplements and nutraceuticals that not only support health, but actually build it. This means, in turn, that you’ll feel better, stronger, more energetic and more alive with our products than with any other supplements on Earth. It also means that in every product we make, you’ll address not just symptoms, but they’re underlying cause.

There has simply never before been anything like Pure Essence. Of course, words are cheap. But, experience is not, and our products provide the ultimate nutritional experience. Because of that, they’re guaranteed beyond any condition.

So, the next time you’re deciding on whose product to use, give us a try. We cost a bit more, because our products contain so much more than others. But, it’s what they contain that produces the results they provide. 

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