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Body Tone


the production of heat, especially in the body

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Tri-Iodine™ The forgotten Mineral

Iodine is one of the most important minerals required by the body for healthy cellular and complete metabolic function. Breast tissue, the uterus, the ovaries, the thyroid, the brain and the prostate depend on iodine. But typical intake levels for most people are too low. They need Tri-Iodine™.

The benefits of increased iodine intake include:

• Increased Metabolism and Better Weight Management*

• Increased Energy*

• Improved Libido*

• Breast Health*

• Prostate Health*

• Detoxification*

• Increased Immune Function*

Tri-Iodine contains three beneficial forms of iodine to nourish multiple body systems. Three forms are included because different tissues in the body prefer different forms. For example, your thyroid tissue absorbs iodine best as potassium iodide, while breast tissue takes up iodine in the form of molecular iodine. Additionally, there is evidence that using sodium iodide enhances absorption of the other forms.




Stack #1

INTEK 24 HOUR Weight Loss System  Out of Stock

INTEK has released some of the most advanced supplements on the market today, and now for those looking for a true 24 Hour Weight Loss System, YOUR WEIGHT LOSS EVOLUTION is here. INTEK takes a 3-Step approach to fat burning and weight loss for an all day effect.

For unprecedented energy, focus and maximum weight loss, (1)INTEK Thermogenic Evolution is the first step to igniting your fat burning potential throughout the day.

Step two is (2)INTEK Non Stim Evolution which ensures maximal metabolic overhaul, optimizes T-3 fat burning hormones, and diminishes any bloating or water retention beneath the skin which can keep you from that toned, lean look.

The final step to your weight loss metamorphosis comes from the detoxification and cleansing of all your vital organs, blood and gastro intestinal tract. With (3)INTEK Detox Evolution your body will now be running at peak condition as all the unnecessary weight in your mid section is depleted and your organs, blood and intestines are wiped clean of waste. Now your body can run like the lean machine you desire to be.


Stack #2  TriPharm Weight Loss Stack 

Why burn fat only in 45 minute cardio sessions? Your body has the ability to be a fat burning machine 24/7.

 Inferno: Step one jump starts your groggy mornings into a metabolic drag race. Inferno represents the pinnacle of potency for thermogenic formulas. Inferno will provide maximum energy, an increase in base metabolic rate (BMR) while decreasing appetite. This is the catalyst spark to any sluggish metabolism. More energy allows for more productive workouts, better mental focus and the energy to keep up with life’s demands. Inferno means heat and heat burns calories.

Tripharm Stack

What’s in it & how does it work?  Inferno features Citrus Aurantium, which stimulates the release of noradrenaline creating a chemical reaction that increases the breakdown of fat. Noradrenaline and the beta-3 receptors it stimulates increase the rate at which fat is released from body stores (lipolysis) and increase resting metabolic rate that burns calories! Since Citrus Aurantium only stimulates the beta-3 adrenergic receptor, it is able to stimulate fat metabolism without the negative cardiovascular side effects.

Inferno also incorporates localized fat reduction (lower abdomen) with the addition of Yohimbe Bark Extract and the neuro-transmitter L-Tyrosine. Yohimbe Bark is known for increased fat metabolism by breaking down stored fat cells specifically located in the body’s mid-section. And L-Tyrosine, a direct precursor to the thyroid regulating Thyroxine hormone, may also dictate an accelerated metabolism. Together they have a synergistic energy producing effect that is often described as a euphoric kick. Energy,  decreased appetite, fat loss and an increase in general disposition is what you’re in for with Tri Pharm’s Inferno. But the program doesn’t stop there…

Incinerate Extreme:

The Stack continues the attack on stored body fat with Tri Pharm’s Incinerate Extreme.™ This completely stimulant free metabolic activator provides the groundbreaking new micronutrient 7-OXO. This compound has been field tested showing dramatic weight loss through an increase in thermogenic/ fat burning enzymes. By the age of 25, the body's metabolic rate begins to slow and burn fewer calories. Consequently the food you eat is being held by the body as stored energy i.e. fat. 7-OXO has been shown to safely "boost" the basal metabolic rate and thus "burn" calories more rapidly and continually throughout the day… even while resting.

Incinerate Extreme also targets stored body-fat. The stimulant free formula achieves this no small feat by way of increasing thyroid output. The thyroid determines our “idle” speed. If more thyroid hormone (T3) is present, a higher metabolism is achieved…regardless of activity levels. Large per serving doses of Coleous Forskolli and Guggul Lipid Extract are an excellent herbal source of T3 stimulation. This is where Incinerate Extreme plays a vital role in fat burning, for both men and women, by stimulating the thyroid gland to restore and replenish maximum thyroid hormone output.

Incinerate Extreme also incorporates the potent anti-oxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid to maintain efficient energy (ATP) production and DHB for better absorption and longer activity of all the ingredients. Users will also notice the addition of the neuro-transmitter L-Tyrosine for mood enhancing and beta-3 receptor stimulation. Boost your resting metabolism, burn stored fat as energy and increase your mood with stimulant free Incinerate extreme. 

TriPharm Stack Means Two Steps Forward, Zero Steps Back 

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