Do you suffer from Nutriphobia?

This often undiagnosed condition can lead to unnecessary health problems! 

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In The News and the Latest Research on Nutritional Supplements

DEPRESSION STUDY PUBLISHED ON  BCM-95 CuraMed Natural product equaled

effectiveness of prescription drug in clinical trial.

Save Our Supplements 

Here you'll find information and reports on current and pending dietary supplement regulations. Contrary to most media reports the natural products industry is highly regulated. Dietary Supplements are regulated by the FDA under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). The FDA also enforces cGMPs (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). These regulations require stringent testing, cleaning and documentation protocols to insure consumer safety and product purity through traceability and accountability. Check out the info below to stay informed and to join the fight to preserve your access to safe and effective dietary supplements. 

The FDA's New Weapon Legislative loopholes empower the agency to recall supplements in 2014.


January 2014

Give People What They Want The Medical journal NEJM continues to insult the American public's intelligence.  


March 2012

Our Voices Are Heard Fourteen members of Congress object to the FDA’s problematic NDI proposal. 


May 2012

Save Our Supplements

 Barking Up the Wrong Tree The Government Accountability Office needlessly targets dietary supplements.


May  2013

No Room for Interpretation Ignoring the law’s authors, the FDA creates a self-serving DSHEA definition.


April 2012

Death by Paperwork Dick Durbin tries to bury health freedom under a bureaucratic avalanche.  


June 2012

We the People Must Act

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