"[LifeEssence] is the most comprehensive multi I've

found. I love that it's a whole food."    ~ Gabe

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 Multiples exist to provide everything your cells need, but may not get enough of from foods. That's why LifeEssence combines vitamins and minerals with enzymes, trace elements, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, co-nutrients, immune factors, and so on. Most importantly, they are literally packed with the phyto-nutrients found in SuperFoods and Superior Herbs. In short, SuperFoods and Superior Herbs provide countless nutrients that no table foods provide. These nutrients provide benefits that no others can match. Put simply, any well-designed multiple must contain these foods in the greatest potency and variety possible.*

LifeEssence™ is for those whose lifestyles demand maximum energy, or whose diets fail to provide the seven to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables nutritionists and dietitians recommend. This whole food formula is remarkably energizing, and supports the actions of every cell in the body.

A truly amazing product!



Vitamin A 
(as beta carotene)

A Pro-Vitamin A carotenoid known for its anti-oxidant benefits for the skin and eyes. Essential to bone formation and maintenance. Can be converted into Vitamin A as the body needs it, thereby eliminating any potentially toxic build up.*

Vitamin D3 
(as cholecalciferol)

Vitamin D3 is best known for its critical role in bone health. Research has shown that adequate levels of D3 also support healthy blood sugar levels and protect the health of the breast, prostate, bowel and cardiovascular system.*

Mixed tocopherol complex

Provides all of Mother Nature’s natural sources of Vitamin E, such as Gamma Tocopherol, which may be even more powerful than the more commonly used alpha tocopherol.*

Vitamin B12
(as methylcobalamin)

The activated form of Vitamin B12 that is important for energy production & normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. Essential to bone formation and maintenance.*

Vitamin C
(as ascorbic acid)

Required for collagen and bone synthesis. Also aids in absorption & utilization of minerals.*
(Hesperidin, Quercetin & Rutin)
Supports healthy circulation in the body, protects our blood vessels, protects LDL-cholesterol from oxidative damage and enhances the absorption of Vitamin C.*
Broad spectrum, vegetarian, digestive plant enzymes
Plant enzymes to assist in the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, starches, cellulose, lactose, fats and sugars, which decreases the burden on our digestive systems and conserves energy for our bodies.*
SuperFood Complex 
(Organic Spirulina, Organic Oat grass juice & North Atlantic Kelp)
Provides a wide array of food based vitamins, minerals & phyto-nutrients in their most usable forms. Provides antioxidant protection, immune and liver support. Supports healthy energy levels without stimulating the body. *
Herbal Extracts
(Cordyceps, Codonopsis, Bacopa monnieri, Eleuthero, Organic Goji, Schizandra & White Peony)
Superior Herbs invigorate, strengthen or restore the body’s major organ systems, help build energy and are safe for everyday use.*
(MSM, Alpha-lipoic acid & Green tea)

Powerful antioxidants that are missing from common multi-vitamins and provide protection from oxidative damage to our cells.*



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