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Magnesium is the world's most overlooked nutrient. Without it, calcium cannot be efficiently deposited to bone tissues. When calcium does not reach the bones, it can form plaque in your arteries, spurs on your bones, and stones in your kidneys. It can also cause calcification of brain and other tissues.

Over 80% of Americans fail to get even the minimum daily requirement for magnesium. Less than one in 20 get the amount that most nutritionists suggest. Magnesium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, insomnia, cardiovascular problems, migraines, muscle cramps (especially cramps in the legs at night), constipation, poor mental function, lack of energy, high blood sugar levels, and countless other problems.

Ionic-Fizz™ Magnesium Plus is the world's finest magnesium supplement. Because it reaches the stomach in 100% liquid, ionic form, every milligram of it is instantly available for absorption. And you won't believe how good it tastes!

If you eat dairy products, you need Ionic-Fizz™ Magnesium Plus to balance the calcium in your diet. If you don't, you can use Ionic-Fizz™ Calcium Plus, which provides ionic magnesium and calcium in the ratio that is best for building healthy bones. Both Ionic-Fizz™ products also provide every co-nutrient needed for bone construction and maintenance. These products can be used with any of our vitamin D products, and with any multiple. 


6 Ionic Minerals 
(Magnesium, Boron, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, Zinc)

Most widely recognized mineral form utilized by the body.
The world’s best absorbed minerals.*
Smaller mineral particles that increase the rate of absorption.*
Easily digested, absorbed, and utilized even by those with digestive issues (low stomach acid, etc.)*

Vitamin D3
(as cholecalciferol)
Vitamin D3 is best known for its critical role in bone health. Research has shown that adequate levels of D3 also support healthy blood sugar levels and protect the health of the breast, prostate, bowel and cardiovascular system.*

(from Mg carbonate) 

The form of magnesium that our cells can use.*
Magnesium is involved in energy production and storage, the breakdown of fatty acids, protein synthesis, DNA metabolism, muscle relaxation, neurotransmitter activity, and hormone regulation.*
Magnesium is stored primarily in the bones, and along with other minerals, plays an important role in depositing calcium into the bones.*

Electrolyte Mineral Complex
(Potassium, Magnesium)

An ideal way to replace vital electrolyte minerals, normally lost through exercise and perspiration, without consuming high amounts of sugar, like those found in common sport drinks.*
Vitamin B12
(as methylcobalamin)
The activated form of Vitamin B12 that is important for energy production & normal functioning of the brain and nervous system. Essential to bone formation and maintenance.*
Vitamin C
(as ascorbic acid) 
Required for collagen and bone synthesis. Also aids in absorption & utilization of minerals.*
Vitamin A
(as beta carotene)
A Pro-Vitamin A carotenoid known for its anti-oxidant benefits for the skin and eyes. Essential to bone formation and maintenance. Can be converted into Vitamin A as the body needs it, thereby eliminating any potentially toxic build up.*

 Ionic-Fizz™ Magnesium Plus™

Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency
Ionic Fizz Magnesium Plus

If not, you can add calcium to your regimen as long as you are sure to get a bit more magnesium in your supplement than calcium.  If you think you need to supplement calcium, please see Ionic-Fizz™ Calcium Plus™.  It provides both magnesium and calcium, as well as every co-nutrient they need to be effective in the body. The most important thing to remember is that balance is the key. This cannot be achieved with supplements that provide more calcium than magnesium.*

 Magnesium: A Master Nutrient

Magnesium is involved in more biological functions than any other nutrient. It supports cardiovascular health and healthy blood sugar levels. It is vital for bone health and helps prevent and relieve cramps as well as muscle soreness. It helps with energy production, aids in nerve function and combats stress. Most nutritionists agree that the recommended intake for magnesium is below levels needed for optimal health. Yet, only 25% of Americans ingest even that minimal amount.*

The Proper Balance Between Magnesium and Calcium

Good health requires a sound balance between magnesium and calcium. Research suggests that the best balance may be 600 mg of magnesium to 500 mg of calcium. Unfortunately, the American diet provides only 200 mg of daily magnesium against 750 mg of calcium. If you eat dairy products, you add 300 to 600 more mg of daily calcium, but virtually no magnesium. Adding calcium supplements makes matters even worse.

Magnesium and Bones

While calcium gives bones their strength, magnesium keeps them flexible (more resistant to fracture). Magnesium also increases calcitonin (the hormone that deposits calcium in bones). This is why the world’s strongest bones are found in cultures with the highest magnesium to calcium ratio.*

Magnesium and Cramps

Magnesium helps overcome many kinds of cramps. Night cramps in legs, menstrual cramps, and cramps related to physical exertion all respond readily to high quality magnesium supplements. Using such supplements regularly helps prevent their occurrence in the first place.*

Magnesium, Cardiovascular Health and Healthy Blood Pressure

In epidemiological studies involving over 30,000 Americans, it was seen that those with higher magnesium intake had healthier blood pressure levels than those with lower intake. Other studies have shown that exercise tolerance improves among cardiovascular patients when magnesium is increased. Still others reveal that higher magnesium helps keep blood viscosity at proper levels.*

Magnesium and Blood Sugar

In the world famous Nurses Health Study and its follow up (which tracked over 127,000 people), those who use magnesium supplements developed less adult onset diabetes than those who don’t. Subsequent studies have shown similar results.*

Should I Supplement Magnesium Alone or with Calcium?

Magnesium and calcium are two sides of a coin. You need both for good health. Calcium supplements are fine if you use high quality magnesium with them. If you eat a serving or two of dairy products on a regular basis you probably don’t need calcium, but may be desperate for magnesium.


The Best Way to Get Your Extra Magnesium (and Calcium)

Magnesium supplements are available in many forms. While each has its strong points, the best form is ionic. Ionic minerals are the only form that can be absorbed through both passive diffusion and active protein transport. Pure Essence Labs has been working with free mineral ions for many years. Because of this, they are in a unique position to provide the world’s best mineral supplements. Their ionic minerals are already digested when they reach your stomach. This is vital because as we age, we become less and less able to accomplish mineral digestion.*

Is Ionic-Fizz™ Magnesium Plus™ Safe for Everyone?

While those with kidney disease should not supplement magnesium, everyone else can use as much magnesium as they like. Those with kidney disease should try to get their magnesium from foods like green leafy vegetables.* 

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