A Multiple Vitamin and Mineral Formula is the foundation of your nutritional program. So, why not take the best?

LifeEssence by Pure Essence Labs

LifeEssence™ is for those whose lifestyles demand maximum energy, or whose diets fail to provide the seven to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables nutritionists and dietitians recommend. This formula is remarkably energizing, and supports the actions of every cell in the body. A truly amazing product!

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Terry Naturally


Tri-Iodine™ The forgotten Mineral

Iodine is one of the most important minerals required by the body for healthy cellular and complete metabolic function. Breast tissue, the uterus, the ovaries, the thyroid, the brain and the prostate depend on iodine. But typical intake levels for most people are too low. They need Tri-Iodine™.

The benefits of increased iodine intake include:

• Increased Metabolism and Better Weight Management*

• Increased Energy*

• Improved Libido*

• Breast Health*

• Prostate Health*

• Detoxification*

• Increased Immune Function*

Tri-Iodine contains three beneficial forms of iodine to nourish multiple body systems. Three forms are included because different tissues in the body prefer different forms. For example, your thyroid tissue absorbs iodine best as potassium iodide, while breast tissue takes up iodine in the form of molecular iodine. Additionally, there is evidence that using sodium iodide enhances absorption of the other forms.

Bluebonnet Targeted Multiples Age-Less Choice        For Men 50+ 

Ageless Choice for Men 50+


Bluebonnet Targeted Multiples Men's Choice                For Men 18-49

Men's Choice Multi-Vitamin

Bladder Support for Men and Women


Prostate Formula with Beta Sitosterol

 The Most Complete Prostate Formula Available

          Androbolix 300  

Low-T not a problem

Advanced Testosterone Amplifier

  What does this mean? 

  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Decrease stored body-fat
  • Strength Gains
  • Libido Surging Compound
  • Control Estro
  • Safe Test Boost
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 Terry’s Traditional Diet

  • Discover how a low-carbohydrate/high-protein diet can prevent—and even cure  —heart disease, diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorders

  • Learn how to feel better and live longer by changing the way you eat

  • Develop strategies to transition from high-to low-carbohydrate nutrition

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