Relieve Inflammation and You Relieve Pain

Inflammation is triggered by the release of compounds called prostaglandins, especially PGE2, and is sustained by the inflammatory COX-2 enzyme. If it were possible to inhibit the COX-2 enzyme, it would be possible to control inflammation. Many years ago, drug companies found that aspirin inhibited COX-2. But of course, there is a downside to chronic aspirin use. At the same time it inhibits COX-2, it also inhibits COX-1 which is a protective prostaglandin for the lining of the digestive tract and blood vessels. Therefore, without adequate COX-1 protection, you can have ulcers and leaking of the blood vessels. While aspirin is fine for temporary use, extended use may cause serious side effects and even death. 

One report has estimated that over 40,000 people die annually from the overuse of drugs in the aspirin family. Also, consider the “advanced” COX-2 inhibitors Vioxx®, Bextra®, Celebrex®, etc. These drugs did not cause ulcers or weak blood vessels so the expectation was extremely high. Scientists later found that the results experienced were offset by the fact that these anti-inflammatories caused heart attacks and strokes because they induced clots in the blood. The risks were so great that the FDA took Vioxx and Bextra off the market, and now requires a “black box” warning on Celebrex, which is the strongest warning class for prescription drugs. The natural ingredients in Pain Formula have been traditionally used and clinically studied, and provide the relief you need without side effects or worry. Additionally, they work quickly – some report relief in as little as 30 minutes. This is truly an advanced pain relieving formula.

Pain Formula:

• All-Natural COX2 Inhibitor

• Reduces Inflammation

• Relieves Chronic Pain

• Decreases Recurrent Pain associated with Arthritis,  Back Pain, Joint Pain, Headache, Sciatica, Etc.

• Minimizes Pain Caused by Injuries

• Diminishes Swelling and Stiffness

Does not interfere with Stomach, Liver or Kidney Function. Safe for daily use.

Pain Formula enhances the body's natural defense mechanisms against inflammation and pain.

All herbs are standardized and verified by HPLC to guarantee quality and potency.  

Made in the USA.

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