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Novel Omega 3 Extract, Vectomega®, Beats Fish Oil For Freshness

How rancid is your fish oil?

GREEN BAY, WI, Sept. 25, 2012 - EuroPharma initiated an independent lab analysis comparing Vectomega to five national leading brands of fish oil and krill oil to support the safety of Vectomega, regarding oxidation and rancidity, and to support the claim “Fresher than Fish Oil.”

Independent testing has revealed that leading brands of fish and krill oil have some levels of rancidity. Testing was performed according to the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS), which is very stringent – the strictest in the industry. The total oxidative value, known as the TOTOX value, was calculated using samples of leading brands purchased off stores shelves and well before their expiration date.  Also included in the testing was Vectomega, a revolutionary new phospholipid complex (not fish oil) which delivers omega 3 fatty acids extracted from salmon.

People take omega 3 supplements with the expectation of health supporting benefits, and may be completely unaware that they are increasing their risk of free radical damage to the heart, brain and other physiological systems. The additional problem with high TOTOX values is that oxidative stress doesn’t stop inside the bottle – it continues inside the body for anyone using a supplement with any level of rancidity. This sets up an oxidative spiral that can lead to inflammation and tissue damage. Fish and krill oils with unfortunate levels of rancidity could have these health damaging effects, especially when used for long periods of time. Vectomega does not pose this problem. Vectomega is truly a revolutionary omega 3 supplement since its phospholipids are a much more stable carrier for omega 3s than are oils. 

Freshness can be measured:

Vectomega is the only Omega 3 supplement shown to have no rancidity - fresher than fish oil and krill oil! 

 Vectomega is produced utilizing a patented process called vectorization which was developed in cooperation of the French government and leading lipid researchers at the University of Nancy in France. Using this method, a highly stable product, Vectomega, is produced that delivers EPA and DHA in their unaltered, bioidentical form. Vectomega is a phospholipid complex which delivers EPA and DHA that are found naturally in the head of the salmon.  Fish oils depend on triglycerides for this transportation of EPA and DHA.  Krill oil contains phospholipids, however it is still delivered in an oil form, making it prone to rancidity. Additionally, both fish and krill oils may use harsh, potentially toxic solvents. The vectorization (Vectomega) process uses only enzymes and cold water in its extraction procedures.  Vectomega has been tested and found to be free of harmful solvents, and since it is not an oil, has been proven stable at room temperature for up to 3 years.  


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