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PureBiotics™ Probiotics

Probiotics are helpful bacteria that support digestion and immune function and produce active forms of B-vitamins. The most common types are Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. Within each type are many strains that offer health benefits when present in sufficient amounts.*

PureBiotics™ formulations contain only the most studied and stable strains of probiotics. Each formula provides guaranteed culture counts of 12 to 15 strains. The balance between Lacto and Bifido cultures varies depending on each formula’s purpose.

Research shows that levels of Bifidobacteria decline with age. However, both Bifido and Lacto cultures are depleted by chlorinated water (including baths and showers), oral contraceptives, antibiotics, x-rays, alcohol, diabetes, ultrasounds, parasites, etc. It is virtually impossible to avoid probiotic depletion in the modern world.*

The healthy human gut is home to about 100 trillion living probiotic cultures. This number is important, because it is by sheer numbers that probiotics prevent the overgrowth of yeast and pathogenic bacteria in the gut. At 30 billion cultures, it would take over 9 years to replace your entire population. We believe at least 30 billion cultures per day are needed to ensure sufficient probiotic replenishment.*

PureBiotics Restore

PureBiotics™ Restore

PureBiotics™ Restore blends 12 probiotic strains (30 billion active cultures per capsule†) to support digestion and immune health. The balance is about 60% bifido and 40% lacto cultures. It is ideal for offsetting the normal depletion that occurs through time, and is designed especially for men and women between the ages of 16 and 39.*

PureBiotics™ Women

PureBiotics™ Women provides 15 probiotic strains (50 billion active cultures per capsule†) to support the digestive, vaginal, and urinary tracts, and overall immune health. The balance is about 30% bifido and 70% lacto cultures because women often need greater support for vaginal and urinary tract health. It is designed for women of any age who want maximum feminine support. If gender-specific issues are not a challenge, your choice should be Restore or Restore 40+.*

PureBiotics™ Restore 40+

PureBiotics™ Restore 40+ includes 15 probiotic strains (35 billion active cultures per capsule†) to support digestion and immune health. The balance is about 50% bifido and 50% lacto cultures. It is a bit stronger than Restore because those age 40 and older typically have greater depletion than younger people. It is perfect for offsetting the normal depletion that occurs through time, and is designed for men and women aged 40 and up.*

PureBiotics™ Maxima 

PureBiotics™ Maxima combines 15 probiotic strains (100 billion active cultures per capsule†) for those with more severe probiotic depletion. Signs of such depletion can include frequent diarrhea or constipation, other intestinal challenges, impaired immunity, overgrowth of yeasts or pathogenic bacteria, and vaginal and urinary tract infections. Its cultures are divided more or less evenly between bifido and lacto strains.*

Do I Need a Probiotic Supplement?

Probiotics in the modern world are under constant attack. Chlorine (especially in the bath or shower), birth control pills, many drugs, tobacco, alcohol, processed foods, extreme stress, and even normal aging deplete their numbers. The only way that most of us can prevent or overcome probiotic depletion is with supplements. 

Why are PureBiotics Superior to Other Supplements?

Probiotics can impact every aspect of health and guard against nearly every kind of illness. They protect us primarily by limiting populations of pathogens that cause the inflammation which makes us more vulnerable to disease. They inhibit pathogens through competitive exclusion, disabling pathogen mobility, producing direct bacteria inhibiting factors, producing organic acids like succinate, propionate and butyrate, and strengthening general immunity. The most helpful probiotic supplementsare those that inhibit the greatest number of pathogens in the greatest number of ways.

PureBiotics™ formulas are the result of over 35 years of research. Our probiotic strain counts range from 12 to 15 and provide a minimum of 30 billion up to 100 billion living cultures per capsule to inhibit every major pathogen group in every way listed above.† They are delivered in delayedrelease capsules to protect them against stomach acids, packed in amber glass bottles with desiccants to guard against light, moisture, and air, and refrigerated at all times to protect against heat. There are simply no other probiotic supplements that combine so many strains with such high quantities of guaranteed living cultures – and thus no others that have such incredible health building power.*

Do I Really Need 30 Billion Cultures Per Day?

The probiotics in your body are under attack all day, every day. Chlorine, oral contraceptives, steroids, NSAIDS, antibiotics, alcohol, tobacco, ultrasound, x-rays, stress, and processed carbohydrates can all kill them. While 30 billion sounds like a big number, it would take over nine years to replace your total probiotic population using that dosage each day. Because it seems nearly inevitable that you are losing at least 30 billion per day, we believe that 30 billion is the minimum dose for meaningful impact. However, if you feel you need less, you can use a capsule every other day.*


  • At Least 12 Strains & 30 Billion Cultures
  • Dairy & Gluten Free
  • Potency Assured at Expiration†

† PureBiotics™  products are formulated to provide 30 billion to 100 billion active cultures per capsule (depending on the formula) at date of expiration if refrigerated at your place of purchase and in your home. Our probiotics are highly stable at room temperature, but refrigeration will nonetheless insure maximum potency.

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