Millennium Ultra RagNORok   (Also available without caffeine)

Millennium Ultra RagNORok

 RagNOrok Ultra™ is the battle ready, all in one training support you have been waiting for.* RagNOrok Ultra™ is a super formula utilizing six blends to support performance and promote muscle gains.* RagNOrok Ultra™ is formulated to promote nitric oxide, intramuscular carnosine levels, ATP, focus, drive and endurance while providing electrolytes and antioxidant support.* RagNOrok Ultra™ does not contain any harmful glycocyamine.

Combat Creatine™ is a proprietary blend of three stable and highly absorbable forms of creatine including Creatine Magnesium Chelate, Di-Creatine Malate and Tri-Creatine Orotate. The Combat Creatine™ blend provides creatine and other valuable krebs cycle intermediates to support ATP to encourage strength, power and muscular endurance.*

Nitric Carnage™ is a proprietary blend of seven Nitric Oxide (NO) and Intramuscular Carnosine supports includingBeta-Alanine, Di-Arginine Malate, Arginine AKG, Citrulline Malate, Cnidium Monnier, L-Histidine & L-Norvaline.* We all know the effects of higher nitric oxide levels on nutrient delivery, muscular pumps and gains.* The Nitric Carnage™ blend in RagNOrok Ultra combines efficient nitric oxide bolstering ingredients Citrulline Malate, Di-Arginine Malate & Arginine AKG with Cnidium Monnier and L-Norvaline to promote NO activity.*

Research suggests Beta-Alanine supplementation is one of the most effective ways to boost intramuscular carnosine levels.* Carnosine is a natural substrate in the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) through increased NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase). Beta-Alanine also works by buffering fatigue & acid causing Hydrogen Ions (H+) created by intense exercise & heavy training.* Increased muscular carnosine levels may allow users to train and compete more intensely for longer periods of time.* Carnosine is primarily found in fast twitch muscle fiber responsible for explosiveness and power. By buffering hydrogen ions, carnosine allows these fast twitch fibers to fire more efficiently & fatigue slower, supporting overall strength, power, endurance & performance. RagNOrok Ultra™ contains 2000mg of ultra pure, high-grade beta-alanine!

Focal Fury™ is a proprietary focus & drive igniting blend consisting of L-Taurine AKG, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine AKG & Rhodiola Rosea.* The Focal Fury blend is formulated to promote motivation, energy, intensity and drive for mind blowing performance during training and competition.* We all know how big of a role the mind plays in our training. Imagine how supporting mental focus and drive through training sessions can enhance your overall gains and performance.*

OblitORAC™ is a proprietary blend of antioxidants including Ascorbic Acid, Grape Seed Extract & R-Alpha Lipoic Acid for support from the free radicals caused by intense training and the breakdown of nitric oxide.*

Lytening Jolt™ is a proprietary electrolyte replenishment blend designed to promote isotonic delivery of ingredients and support hydration, recovery and phosphorylation.*

HyperVol-XS™ is a proprietary cell volumizing delivery system containing Glycerol, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM) and Vanadyl Sulfate.* The HyperVol-Xs blend is formulated to enhance absorption and delivery, promoting cell volume, muscle pump and performance.* We all know the effect vanadyl & glycerol may have on delivery and cell volumizing, but; MSM may enhance this effect through increased blood flow and cell permeability.* Not only may MSM promote absorption and cell osmosis but it may support the scavenging and reduction of performance destroying cell toxins like lactic acid, ammonia and free radicals.* MSM may work with glutathione to recharge vitamin C further enhancing the antioxidant properties of the OblitORAC blend.*

Prepare yourself for the battle of all battles with RagNOrok Ultra™. RagNOrok Ultra™is one of the strongest, most complete pre-workout formulas to date. RagNOrok Ultra™is formulated to support all aspects of athletic training and performance.* RagNOrok Ultra™is not full of fluff or fillers and contains zero glycocyamine, zero carbs, zero sugar and is aspartame free and acesulfame-k free. ADD CARBS ON YOUR OWN TERMS. Regardless of your sport, RagNOrok Ultra™will help you train and compete with levels of intensity and allow you to crush your enemy like never before!* 


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