Vectomega User Experiences

"I have been using Vectomega for about a year now, and I not only feel better but I also notice a feeling of wellbeing...Thanks for sharing."

- Elizabeth O.

"I first discovered Vectomega in 2008. My doctor advised me to pay attention to my cholesterol levels. My husband and I went to a local health food store in search of something natural to support healthy cholesterol levels, and that's when we were introduced to Vectomega. The sales person promised us not only amazing results but assured us there would be no fishy after taste or pardon the expression, fish burps. The challenge began and low and behold six weeks later I was getting great results and I didn't taste fish one time. Wow! The doctor said what have you been doing differently? Well I started 2 Vectomega tablets a day, cut back on my sweets and that's about it. The rest is history, this product works!!!! I'm a fan for life, and I truly think it saved mine back in 2008. Give it a try !! You won't be disappointed."

- Dawn S.

"I wanted to share some my positive experience with Vectomega.  After treatments I often feel like I am in a brain fog....after using Vectomega, I feel like the brain neurons are connecting again.  Thank you for making this product!"

- Susan N.

"ive researched fish oil extensively and had come across studies comparing fish oil (commonly in the form of ethyl-ester) to eating salmon. due to the artificial molecule attached to these products, the oild becomes very hard to digest. the study concluded that someone would have to eat 9 grams twice a day of fish oil to get the same amount of epa/dha in the blood as a single serving of salmon. i wrote the company and they said vectomega is equal to one 5oz serving of salmon. this product does everything 4 grams a day of the other stuff in one tiny tablet and with zero negative side effects."


"I have sever depression. Used to take a very good liquid fish oil, about 10 grams a day (that's a lot)! Totally arrested the depression. Found Vectomega and just love it!! So much easier than the liquid. No taste at all. No fish burps. I do take 2 pills a day. I must. If I try to cut back the depression comes back within 24 hrs. Have to stay on high doeses. But no medication at all. Can't tolerate any meds."


"This is the best omega 3 I have ever taken - and I have taken many other brands. The absorption of Vectomega is superior to anything else. I can tell the difference with my skin immediately. I do wish that the price was lower but I just take 1 a day now. And there is no fishy after taste."


"vectomega is the easy way to get your omega 3 fatty acids. i can't take fish oils because they choke me. this is so's a flat football shaped pill that goes down very easily. 10 stars if you ask me."