Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel

Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel is the perfect alternative to conventional and herbal topical treatments. Sovereign Silver Gel is effective for a broad spectrum of minor wounds, you can now replace your over-the-counter antiseptic cream, burn spray, calamine lotion and acne cream with one product.

The 4 Actions of Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel

What Consumers Are Saying About Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel

Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel for Burn

"I burned myself on a hot pan while cooking dinner. I immediately put Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel on it and waited about 30 minutes before applying it again. The burn was stinging slightly but not bad. I applied it one more time before bed. In the morning, the burn was barely visible and there was no pain." - Don M., Medford, OR

We Have LOTS of Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel Success Stories

"I burned myself on a hot pan cooking dinner. The burn on my thumb had to be a second-degree burn. I was expecting it to blister. I immediately put Sovereign Silver gel on it and waited about 30 minutes before applying it again. The burn was stinging slightly but not bad. I applied it one more time before bed. In the morning the burn was barely visible and there was no pain.

"My dog had a bad flea problem. She scratched herself to the point that the skin on her hind leg was red and irritated. I applied the gel to the irritated area twice and within 24 hours the irritation was gone and the skin had returned to a normal color."

"I started to develop a cold sore on my lip. My cold sores usually last around a week or so. After applying the gel, 3 to 4 times over a couple of days, the cold sore shrunk and disappeared."

"My wife had a skin rash, some kind of reaction to something she came in contact with on her knee. She applies the gel to the affected area and less than 8 hours later it was gone."

"My daughter started to get a pimple on her chin. After applying the gel twice a day for 2 days it disappeared." - Don N.

First Aid Gel Works Like a Dream

"After camping over a rainy weekend when using insect spray was futile, I came home covered in noseeum bites. I tried four popular over-the-counter creams before stumbling upon Sovereign Silver first aid gel at a local market. One sample sold me. Immediate itch relief - that lasts for hours. I'll always keep this in my medicine chest."

Sovereign Silver Gel for Children's Cuts & Scrapes

"I have used Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel repeatedly on my children's cuts and scrapes - and when you have a 3- and a 4-year-old, this is often. I love the fact that it does not sting and there are no complaints when I bring out the gel." - Kirsten M., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Use the First Aid Gel for Psoriasis and Eczema

"I have been suffering from psoriasis and eczema for over three years. Did the dermatologist stuff--steroids, creams, ointments. Did the light treatments. We were considering CHEMOTHERAPY!!! No known cause, no known cure. Last January, I discovered a new way of eating to get rid of my skin problems. I've become healthier and healthier. Three weeks ago my health store person showed me an article about my problem possibly being caused by a fungus - and about Sovereign Silver.

"Well, I had been getting better and better already. But, after I used Sovereign Silver, it sent my progress over the top. Within days all signs of my problem on my hands, which were the worst, were starting to improve. After just a week or so, I have normal skin coming in. And, my feet, which are also a problem, are almost healed. I am telling about your product to whoever will listen!!" - Jeanne W.

There's nothing like Sovereign Silver for Immune Support

"When it comes to immune support, there's nothing like Sovereign Silver. I take it. My family takes it. We recommend it to our customers. It gets results." -- Wendy Meyerson, Owner of Natur-Tyme.

What health food stores report

"I've gradually stopped carrying all other brands of silver. Sovereign Silver speaks for itself, the bottles just fly off the shelves. Natural-Immunogenics is doing something right" - Linda Walsh, Owner, Earthen Treasures, Berne, Indiana

What doctors report

"Incorporating Sovereign Silver into our practice has aided us tremendously in dealing with a broad spectrum of immune challenges in our patients. Patients find they no longer dread their immune situations since they find help and support when they use Sovereign Silver. It's easy to use, tastes fine and the results are both obvious and quick." - Tom Lodi, MD, Complete Care Health & Medical, Glen Cove, NY

What distributors report

"It took me less than two minutes to realize that there was a significant difference between this superior colloidal silver hydrosol and all other silvers on the market. In the vast majority of my accounts Sovereign Silver is the only brand on their shelves because they feel most comfortable selling a product which demonstrates such obvious integrity." - Joe Saffar, Owner, OnTrack Wellness Distributors, Morrow, GA

What hospitals report

"I can always rely on your high-quality silver hydrosol." - Dr. Kenneth O'Neal, M.D., 36 years service as Medical Director of the E.R. Department in a Houston-area hospital.

What toxicologists report

"It is without hesitation that I support and applaud Natural-Immunogenics Corp. for its safety and quality in making an excellent and pure silver hydrosol product for public use." - Dr. Dana Flavin, M.D., Former Asst. to the Assoc. Director of Toxicology, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

What consumers report

"After using my first bottle years ago, I found it replaced a number of my favorite holistic products. You can put my name on record as proof of its extraordinary qualities. Sovereign Silver was an answer to my prayers...and I do not use that word lightly." - Diane A., Valencia, CA. 

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