Specialty Oils 

Barlean's Coconut Oil, Raw, Extra Virgin & Organic

Coconut Oil Nutrition 

May support the Structure and Function of:
  • The Immune System*
  • The Cardiovascular System*
  • Healthy Metabolism & Energy Production*
  • Hair, Skin & Body Care

Barlean's Coconut Oil

The World's Freshest Coconut Oil!

Pure, Pristine & Delicious

  • 100% Organic - Solvent & Chemical Free
  • Exceptional Coconut Flavor & Aroma!
  • Cold-Expeller Pressed Fresh
  • Raw Whole Food
  • Perfect Culinary Oil, Very Resistant to Oxidation when Heating
  • Rich Source of MCT's
Fresh from The Islands
  • Hand Selected & Picked Fresh
  • Harvested at the Peak of Flavor and Nutritional Value
  • Harvested Year-round, on Demand
  • Pressed on Demand - Bottled on Demand
  • Fresh Express - Rush Air Delivered Nationwide
Barleans Coconut Oil, Raw, Extra Virgin, Organic

Red Palm Oil 

Bio Nutrition Red Palm Oil

Life Flo Pure Magnesium Oil

Life Flo Magnesium Oil


Red Palm Oil is a nutrition packed food made from the finest quality Virgin Red Palm oil from Africa. 

  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants including CoQ10 and tocotrienols, a potent form of vitamin E not commonly consumed in foods eaten in the United States
  • Can be used in a variety of ways including being added to your favorite cooking dishes
  • Offers a unique and robust flavor
  • A healthy addition to your diet
  • Contains NO: gluten, yeast, corn, sugar, salt, wheat, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

100% Pure Super Concentrated Magnesium Oil 

    Magnesium oil spray

      Nourish the skin with Pure Magnesium Oil from Life-Flo. From the ancient Zechstein seabed, this super concentrated solution is 100% pure. Pure Magnesium Oil is a highly concentrated spray of magnesium chloride- nothing added and nothing removed. Mined deep under the earth's surface of the Zechstein seabed in the Netherlands, it can be used daily, is non-greasy and leaves no unpleasant odor. No animals were used to test this product.


See Barlean's Omega Swirl HERE 

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