Europharma Terry NaturallyTri-Zyme

Tri-Zyme Digestive and Systemic Enzymes
Superior Digestive and Systemic Enzymes

• Bioidentical enzymes for digestion and systemic support
• Helps digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats
• Natural maximum strength pancreatin – for critical immune support*

The enzymes in Tri-Zyme™ are most similar to your body’s own natural enzymes – allowing them to work effectively for both digestive and systemic support.*

How it Works:

Pancreatic enzymes, including amylase, protease, and lipase are essential to healthy digestion, muscle function and comfort, and immune defense.*Pancreatin provides these crucial enzymes in a full strength supplement sourced from porcine enzymes to closely match those of the human body.*

For Digestion:

Due to aging, and the common lack of enzymes present in processed foods, people often encounter digestive challenges. Even with a healthy diet, it is impossible to have optimal nutrition without proper digestion. Pancreatincontains naturally occurring enzymes that help digest fats, proteins and carbohydrates, so that the body can properly absorb nutrients from foods. Improving digestion reduces or eliminates occasional gas, bloating, feelings of fullness, indigestion, and upset stomach. For digestive concerns, Pancreatincan be taken with each meal.*1-3

Systemic Enzymes
Enzymes also play a significant role in immune and deep cellular health and the body’s own natural inflammation response. They are especially helpful in supporting muscle comfort and response.* These are called “systemic” enzymes, because they work in our body’s systems instead of the gastrointestinal tract.3-6

Many natural health experts believe that in order for supplemental enzymes to be optimally effective for a wide variety of systemic concerns, they should be in the form closest to the enzymes made by the human body. That is why this product utilizes a porcine (mammal) source for enzymes instead of plant and fungal-based enzymes, which are not a close match. It should be noted that individuals using this product for immune health, support of the body’s own natural inflammation response, or other systemic applications, should take it on an empty stomach—45 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal.


Q: Should I take Tri-Zyme™ with every meal and snack?

A: Taking Tri-Zyme with each meal is an excellent idea if you have serious digestive concerns, but you can also use them as needed during times of occasional digestive stress. Tri-Zyme can also be taken between meals to support muscles and a healthy inflammation response, making it a good choice to add to your supplement regimen if you have an active life. In addition, Tri-Zyme taken between meals provides overall systemic benefits, supporting healthy cellular development.*

Q: How many Tri-Zyme™ tablets can I take each day? Is there an upper limit?

A: For digestion, most people take one or two tablets with each meal. For other uses, some health practitioners recommend up to 4 or 5 tablets between meals (empty stomach), up to 3 times per day. Dosing can be highly variable amongst individuals. Additionally, some integrative health practitioners recommend very high levels of pancreatin with their patients, especially for serious immune support.* In these instances, we encourage customers to work with their healthcare practitioner for dosage guidance.

Enzymes: Digestion and More

We couldn’t live without enzymes. They help us absorb nutrients, create valuable hormones, heal muscles, relieve inflammation, fight cellular and other immune threats, and carry out the almost infinite tasks of our body’s needs.Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies create fewer enzymes. And the foods that, in the past, provided the enzymes we need have been so processed that they are seriously depleted of their enzyme content.
But pancreatin, which provides the enzymes protease, lipase, and amylase, can make all the difference for a wide range of health concerns. You may be surprised at the amazing abilities of this natural, full-strength source of enzymes. It helps us digest our foods comfortably and naturally, reduces inflammation, and may even prevent tumor development. We’ll explore each of these remarkable traits of pancreatin in this Terry Talks Nutrition®.


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