Life Essence Women's Formula

A Multiple Vitamin and Mineral Formula is the foundation of your nutritional program. So, why not take the best?

 LifeEssence by Pure Essence Labs

Health is simply the reflection of how efficiently our cells can function. Our cells can function efficiently only when they have the raw materials they need. These raw materials are the nutrients we obtain from our foods, water and air. Eating a balanced meal is important because larger varieties of foods provide larger varieties of nutrients, and larger varieties of nutrients empower more efficient cellular function. However, modern foods cannot do the job by themselves. 

LifeEssence™ provides more of the nutrients we need than any other multiple ever offered. Thus, it supports more efficient cellular action, which then builds better health, increases energy, and supports immunity, mental focus and general well being. LifeEssence™ is, in short, the world’s most supportive nutritional system. 

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 Note: This product provides nutritional components that contain phytoestrogens. If you are considering conceiving a child, pregnant or lactating, Bluebonnet recommends Early Promise Prenatal Gentle Multiple instead of this formula.


TARGETED MULTIPLES® LADIES' CHOICE® CAPLETS  Bluebonnet incorporated the popular and potent antioxidants, vitamins C, E and beta-carotene, with a special blend of turmeric, elderberry, marigold, green, white and black tea extracts to counteract oxidative stress caused by damaging free radicals. Although heart health is often incorrectly pegged as a concern only for men, research has shown that it is a major issue that should be of top concern to women too. That is why Bluebonnet has also integrated pomegranate, tomato extract and coenzyme Q10 into the formula to provide nutritional support for a healthy heart. Plus, this innovative multiple for women 18-49 provides extracts from dong quai, red raspberry, cranberry, flax lignans, horsetail, cinnamon, rose hips and nettle leaves to help support hormonal and urinary tract health, as well as hibiscus, chamomile and passion flowers to help support their emotional well-being.



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AGE-LESS CHOICE® FOR WOMEN 50+ CAPLETS  As women age, they are often concerned about maintaining their vitality and health of their aging bodies so that they can be active with their kids and grandkids well into their senior years. Providing the right nutrients to counteract the negative effects of aging is typically their number one goal. So, in addition to supplying complete nutritional support for women in their prime, the nutritional scientists at Bluebonnet have incorporated pomegranate, tomato extract and coenzyme Q10 into this innovative multiple for women 50+ to help support her aging heart. Plus, as women mature, the ravaging effects of free radicals caused by stress, pollution, smoking, drinking and processed fast foods over a lifetime become more apparent, which is why the popular and potent antioxidants, vitamins C, E and beta-carotene, as well as a special blend of turmeric, elderberry, marigold, green, white and black tea extracts have been integrated into this unique multiple formula. In addition, vegetarian glucosamine, MSM and white willow bark extract were included to help maintain the fluidity of motion and the normal rate of repair of healthy joints, as well as acetyl-L-carnitine, ginkgo biloba extract and phosphatidylserine to maintain healthy brain function. Lastly, extracts from dong quai, black cohosh, red clover and flax lignans were incorporated to help mediate hormonal health issues as these women gracefully transition into their prime.

The Menopause Multiple


Bladder Support for Men and Women



Herbs for Menopause


Yeast Management System


Natural Progesterone Cream


The Body's Most Powerful Cell Nourishing Supplement

Cell Power 

Omega-7 / Superior Sea Buckthorn Oil

 EuroPharma Hydra-7

Terry’s Traditional Diet

  • Discover how a low-carbohydrate/high-protein diet can prevent—and even cure  —heart disease, diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorders

  • Learn how to feel better and live longer by changing the way you eat

  • Develop strategies to transition from high-to low-carbohydrate nutrition

Europharma Terry Naturally


Tri-Iodine™ The forgotten Mineral

Iodine is one of the most important minerals required by the body for healthy cellular and complete metabolic function. Breast tissue, the uterus, the ovaries, the thyroid, the brain and the prostate depend on iodine. But typical intake levels for most people are too low. They need Tri-Iodine™.

Europharma Terry Naturally

Thyroid Care

Thyroid Care™ is formulated to provide targeted support for the thyroid gland. A healthy thyroid gland is important for proper metabolism and immune system function. This formula provides iodine and l-tyrosine, which are required by the thyroid in order to synthesize thyroid hormones.

The benefits of increased iodine intake include:

  •  Increased Metabolism and Better Weight Management*
  • Improved Libido*
  • Detoxification*
  •  Increased Energy*
  • Breast Health*
  • Increased Immune Function*
FDA REGULATIONS REQUIRE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT:  "The above statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."  

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