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Berberine X5, 90 Vegetable Capsules

Berberine X5, 90 Vegetable Capsules

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GLUCOVANTAGE® (DIHYDROBERBERINE -- DHB) Berberine has been used for centuries as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of various ailments and has also been studied hundreds of times in the modern era.*

The issue with berberine is that is has poor solubility and low bioavailability, often requiring large doses to be consumed to derive benefit. In fact, the typical dosage needed for berberine is 500mg taken three times per day (1500mg/day).

While this dose may be effective, it very often leads to GI upset.

Diydroberberine is the bioactive metabolite of berberine generated by the gut microbiota, and animal studies note that dihydroberberine has an intestinal absorption rate 5-fold that of berberine.

Essentially, dihydroberberine is a more "direct" or "refined" form of berberine that accomplishes the same effects while using a smaller dose and leading to less GI upset.

Berberine X5 contains GlucoVantage®, the first commercially available brand of dihydroberberine on the market.

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