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Mt Angel Vitamins

GO-OUT Daily Maintenance, 90 Vegetable Capsules

GO-OUT Daily Maintenance, 90 Vegetable Capsules

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Uric Acid Supplement for People Who Experience Gout

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, GO-OUT Daily Maintenance is a dietary supplement designed for people who experience discomfort linked with gout. It contains tart cherry extract, which is commonly used in supplements for uric acid maintenance. GO-OUT Daily Maintenance also has a powerful combination of celery seed and turmeric, which may support a healthy inflammatory response.ǂ

In addition to natural ingredients, which are known to complement gout maintenance routines, GO-OUT Daily Maintenance is gluten-free, non-GMO, and not tested on animals.

GO-OUT Daily Maintenance has met the strict standards for purity of the United States Pharmacopeia National Formulary and has been on the market for 35 years.

GO-OUT Daily Maintenance can be used alone, or it can be paired with GO-OUT Extra Strength.

Go-out by Mt Angel Vitamins, Highland Laboratories.


Please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking GO-OUT Daily Maintenance. GO-OUT Daily Maintenance is a dietary supplement that may help support healthy uric acid levels and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person.ǂǂ

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