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HRG80™ Red Ginseng Male Sexual Enhancement,* 48 Vegetable Capsules

HRG80™ Red Ginseng Male Sexual Enhancement,* 48 Vegetable Capsules

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Every man wants to be his best in every situation, including intimacy. But finding effective support for libido and performance can seem difficult. HRG 80 Red Ginseng Male Sexual Enhancement can help. It supports the healthy desire, energy, and circulation that are keys to a healthy sex life.* It combines botanicals especially chosen for:

  • Libido
  • Performance Stamina
  • Satisfaction
  • Healthy circulation and blood flow throughout the body*

HRG80 Ginseng: An Adaptogen for Libido and Performance*
HRG80 ginseng is different than any other ginseng available. It is specially grown and carefully tended in ideal, ultra-clean controlled conditions without pesticides, toxins, or processed with harsh solvents. This also increases levels of the herb’s powerful compounds, called noble ginsenosides, at the same time.

In fact, HRG80 ginseng contains seven times more rare, noble ginsenosides than found in leading ginseng supplements. That means more support for male sexual enhancement than you’d find with conventionally-grown ginseng that is generally low in absorbable, noble ginsenosides and potentially high in toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals.*

A Botanical Blend for Nitric Oxide (NO) Production*
This formula also includes an award-winning botanical blend that supports the production of nitric oxide—the body’s “on switch” for healthy blood flow and circulation. A clinical study found that this blend supported a significant improvement in sexual function in 74 percent of men over age 45.*

Critical Mineral Power
Zinc is included in this formula for healthy testosterone and libido support.*

The best results for sexual enhancement occur over time with continued use of this safe and effective formula.*

†Compared to the rare, noble ginsenoside content of conventional ginseng

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