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Positive Power Nutrition

Super Silica 4 oz

Super Silica 4 oz

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Super Silica is a blend of pure ionic silica and Cell Power. This combination provides the highest silica avsorption available - up to 20 times more than silica from horsetail! It helps you feel more alive because it measures high in balancing energy. Super Silica contains all seven elements that must be present for any life form to survive; oxygen, silicon, hydrogen, calcium, nitrogen, carbon, and sulfur.

Silica has 5 primary functions in the body:

  1. Provides structure
  2. Promotes flexibility
  3. Conducts energy transfers
  4. Facilitates communication between cells
  5. Chelates metals and removes chemical toxins

It's important for eye health, gastrointestinal health and cardiovascular health*. It can also be helpful for counteracting mineral deficiency. It supports the natural healing process for bone density, joint flexibility, skin, hair, nails, teeth, gums and the brain.

Health care professionals have found the following therapeutic dosages to be effective:

Adults: 60 drops of Super Silica in 60 or more ounces of water.

Children: 2 drops per year of age in at least 1 ounce of water for each drop of Super Silica.

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