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Turkey Tail Mushroom MyPure 4X, 60 Vegetable Capsules

Turkey Tail Mushroom MyPure 4X, 60 Vegetable Capsules

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MyPure Turkey Tail 4X combines 1:1 and 8:1 extracts of certified organic turkey tail fruiting bodies to deliver the most potent turkey tail nutrition you'll find.

Both extracts are 100% non-GMO, certified organic turkey tail mushrooms that are hot water treated to rupture the mushroom cell walls and maximize nutrient bioavailability. The 1:1 powder provides rich levels of Beta-D-glucans while the 8:1 portion maximizes PSP and PSK polysaccharides and other valuable compounds.

Each capsule of MyPure Turkey Tail 4X is up to 4 times stronger than typical turkey tail fruiting body extracts, up to 16 times stronger than simple turkey tail powders, and up to 40 times stronger than turkey tail from myceliated grain.


  • Supports Healthy Liver Function
  • Promotes Gut Health
  • Boosts Immune Function
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